School Uniform

July 25, 2017

Dear Parents

A termly reminder of expected standards of school uniform.

Please access the link below to ensure your child's uniform meets the school's expectations.  Students not dressed in correct uniform from September 2017 will be expected to borrow from the school or will have inappropriate items confiscated. Students not complying with school rules will be sanctioned accordingly.

The wearing of school uniform is required both during school hours and travelling to and from school.

Blazer: The wearing of the school blazer (apart from with summer uniform) is compulsory when moving around the school but may be removed in lessons at the discretion of the teacher. The wearing of a school jumper or cardigan is optional. The school blazer should be worn with the school badge.

School cardigan and jumpers: Cardigans are to be black and waist length. Jumpers should be black, waist length and v necked so that the House tie is clearly visible. Cardigans and jumpers should not be worn instead of a blazer (only in summer term will this be permitted with the summer polo).

Trousers are not to be fashion trousers, jeans, chinos or skinny trousers (tight around the legs and ankles). They should not have additional zips. Large belts or fashion belts are not permitted. Leggings are not to be worn. Skirts are to be black and knee length and not to have long slits at the side. Skirts that are too short or too tight are not permitted. Tights and socks are to be plain black- not patterned.

Tie -  All students should wear their House clip on tie when not in summer uniform.

Shoes are to be formal black shoes with a black sole. Boots, black trainers or trainer style shoes, black canvas pumps, backless slip on shoes are not permitted. There should be no logos on school shoes.

Headwear: Baseball caps, hats are not to be worn.

Jewellery: Only one small stud should be worn in both ears. Body piercing is not permissible. Jewellery such as rings, wrist bands, bangles, bracelets and other such accessories should not be worn. Students who wear this jewellery will have it confiscated and it will not be returned until the end of the day.

Make up: Lipstick, eye shadow and eye liner are not allowed, however a discreet use of light foundation and mascara are acceptable. Fake tan and any other similar products which are clearly visible are not permitted. Coloured nails, or false nails are not permitted in school.

Hair Colour/Hairstyles: The colouring of parts of the hair where there is a complete contrast to the main colour is not permitted. Hair colour which is not considered to be natural e.g. blues and purples are not permitted. Students are not to have their hair cut very short (no shorter than grade 2) or have a large variation between hair length in different parts. Having lines or patterns cut into hair is not acceptable. Students with long hair must ensure this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk.

Examples of Sherburn High Uniform can be seen on the school website: If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your child's House Leader.